Style & Genre:

Latin/Brazilian-Caribbean Feel

Band Description:

Viváz as it's name means "Vivacios" is a band that was Formed in New orleans,Louisiana in 2001. This is a vibrant and highly energetic musical group with an extraordinary talent that uniquely combines Latin music with Jazz elements, Brazilian and Caribbean sounds with roots of Flamenco flair. The band is comprised of musicians from Latin American countries and the United States. An original sound is achieved by these energetic musicians who combine traditional music styles with innovative ideas.

The band is centered upon a nimble nylon-string guitar, a double three stringed Cuban guitar called "Tres" and accomplished vocals, all led by founder and leader JAVIER GUTIERREZ (Originally from Bolivia). The group is seasoned with multiple percussionists, piano, upright bass, and a powerhouse brass section which lends itself to their unique and harmonious sound.
Viváz is able to create a musical dimension of rhythm and vivaciousness throughout their shows. This atmosphere has always been a draw for hundreds of followers and dancers that enjoy the lively musical shows that the band is known for creating every time!

Vivaz performs in many venues, festivals, clubs and special events in New Orleans and many other U.S. cities.The group is also recognized without a doubt as one of the best bands for its genre by various press agencies and television stations.

Band Arrangements:

Vivaz can perform:
ViVaz Trio
ViVaz Quartet
ViVaz Super 7
ViVaz Super 8
Instruments -> Drums, Bass, Piano, Guitar, Conga Drums, 3 Horns

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